Dizzy Quiz

We host Dizzy Quiz nights at various venues. Wether you own or manage a bar, pub, restaurant of conference hall, we have a Quiz Host to take care of your event.

If you require a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one off event, we can arrange this on a day or evening of your choice.


Dizzy Quiz will fit right in with your bar. Using your Phones or Tablets, you connect to the Quiz Hosts computer via a WiFi network to provide instant answers. With a ten second time limit, this eliminates ‘cheating’ as the device cannot be easily switched fast enough to ‘google’ an answer.


We are bringing the traditional pub quiz into the 21st century with a Phone Quiz. This eliminates cheating, but promotes socialising between teams and team members.


We feel drinks sales can be pushed to a higher volume after food has been stopped serving with a Dizzy Quiz event. Giving eaters a reason to stay after pudding and giving your business bigger profit.


One of the best ‘Team Building’ or ‘Bonding’ is to get all your staff into a Conference hall, and let one of our Dizzy Quiz hosts host a perfect couple of hours of Quiz goodness. With lots of fun and banter, you and your team will have the best time. And it can be tailored to meet your needs.


Want to host an event?

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