About Us

At just 15 years of age, DJ Dizzy was resident DJ in his Grammar School’s youth club. Learning his mixing skills on the old school Vinyl records and tape decks, he learnt how to get the kids up on the dancefloor and kept a consistent good feel in the club whenever he was on.

At the age of 21, DJ Dizzy D (as he was then known) debut’ed on the Adult Public House scene, when he regurlarly DJ’d for the BEST pub in town – The Royal Oak on there designated PARTY nights. This proved very popular and very often packed out the pub!

Moving to Bolton in 1998 he kept his dream alive by going mobile and doing a few private gigs and also succesfully imported Karaoke Singing into his routine. Some say HE can even sing??? 🙂

In 2011 – He has upgraded his WHOLE setup and spent THOUSANDS of pounds to get the best experience for YOUR party – No matter what the celebration he will NOT let you down!

Here are some of our Clients-